Live for what you create and die protecting it
  1. o I applied for Parsons and I got accepted, so I thought I’d share my Parsons Challenge creations for people who might want to apply there to get an idea.

     1. ESCAPISM

    A bottle in our hands, dancing to mind-blowing music in a place where we don’t have to care about what is happening outside, we ran away from reality’s territory.

    It is simpler for us to escape this infinite social combat than to actively contribute to it. We are addicted to the use of escapism as a tool to retreat us from our anxieties and our fears; the truth. Even though our fantasy seems so lively and flamboyant, it remains momentary and stays with us just as a shadowy memory.

    As we are appreciating our escape, we have forgotten that the DJ, our redeemer from our painful truth who entertains us with his work of art, found his talent and joy in our misery.   

    Avoidance of reality is commonly understood as an incorrect and unhealthy method to deal with the truth, because it can prevent us from truly engaging living on earth. As Alfred de Musset has quoted that an unhappy population creates great artists, we tend to disregard the fact that escapism forms the power of imagination and creativity, which offers us the willingness to improve our world.

    As distraction from reality is becoming more imperative and addictive for todays society, some artists have learned to craft effective artworks by abusing the flaws of society, which can even be comprehended as a form of activism. Therefore escapism may be perceived as a discharge from the unpleasant verity, but it can also possibly convert into a usage to shape reality.

    2. Pretends

    Dramatic make-up, overpainted lips and gigantic wigs; drag queens are imaginably the most notorious illusionists in the world. For centuries men have impersonated a female gender role, and often as a caricature of a woman.

    While drag performers entertain us with their exaggerated shows of imitating a female, we overlook the fact that we are actually similarly executing a presentation of ourselves. We tend to dress, behave and act to fit a certain mold. 

    We manage to design fictional roles and characteristics for ourselves; because we enjoy trusting that we are in control of our lives by pretending we are strong and matchless. By appearing independent we expect our vulnerability and flaws to remain secreted from publics’ eyes, imaginably likewise an approach to achieve our dreams.

    When our illusions no longer glare, we tend to demolish our images until we are left with nothing but honesty, which appears frightening to us, and that, is when we shape new illusions to shelter us from the ruthless verity.

    Although illusions that we create seem comparable to an escape from reality, it is achievable to convert into truth, as Lady Gaga quoted: “ I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true.” This has been evidenced in countless ways, which proves that illusions can become reality when we learn to accept and understand it.

    Creating illusions might support us at fabricating our egos, but illusions that become verities may become world changing; possibly a hypothesis of avant-garde.

    3. Society’s Manipulation

    Tied with strings and being pulled to fulfill a performance of a certain role of a puppeteer, we are marionettes. The way we move ourselves and the stories told through and about us, our actions are restricted by the person jiggling, rocking and twisting us.

    The questions that most of us tend to forget to ask ourselves are whether we are unique individual selves or are we just a small part of the mass of humanity. Are we being controlled by society’s portrait to overlook our desires?

    The truth is, since we were born we follow a certain Idea of responsibility and culture, perhaps for the betterment of society. The views of the stronger ones become our views. We are blinded by what society thinks is best, which has deep impacts on our beliefs and understandings of the world. This leads us to accept the rules and move on by promoting them. By doing this we are agreeing to follow the out of controlled influences, which are barriers restricting our emotions and our identity. We push away aspects of our lives, our thoughts and our opinions.

    Sooner or later some of us will eventually realize that we are puppets of society and we will ultimately revolt. As we are becoming stronger in rebelling, we will at last influence others to follow our beliefs.  Perhaps are we the ones who create the fantasy of society, we create the values of life and we pull the strings for each other.

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